Facebook recently implemented a new feature to automatically give you more security while browsing your Facebook account. Sometimes your privacy doesn’t seem to be a concern to Facebook, and this is a feature that is long over due. This may be to due to Mark Zuckerberg  getting is own account hacked.

Facebook has recently introduced the “https” feature. The “s”on the end means it is a secure connection. Using this prevents hacking and “man in the middle” attacks. Using the “https” might not protect you from every hacker, but it is an improvement. “https” is only as good as the host computers the are sending and receiving the encrypted data. As long as your computer is not compromised and Facebook’s servers aren’t hacked you should be ok.

With that said, you can now automatically enable “https” on you Facebook site. In the past you could always insert the ”s” manually, but now it is more convenient. To enable this setting:

  1. Open your Facebook account and click on the Account tab.

  2. From the drop down list go to Account Settings.

  3. Then Click Account Security.

  4. From there check the box for Secure Browsing (https).

Facebook Security

There are also setting that allow you to be sent an email or text message if your account is accessed from another computer or mobile device. I would say that at least one of these is recommended. This will let you know if your someone else has stolen you log in and account info and is trying to access you account. If you set these features you will get a text or email the next time you log in.

Be warned, enabling the “https” setting may slow down some pages and not allow certain third party applications. It seems like a small price to pay for improved security.

Jay Bilunas 02-Feb-2011 0 Comments
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